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Welcome to the official home of THE VOYCES: music samples, free downloads, links to purchase our CDs, lyrics, the latest news, pictures, tour information & more.

Lots more at Dan Klein's fantastic Voyces Fansite.



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*****LATEST NEWS*****************************************

6/01/11:  The Voyces in a WeSC Headphones commercial

5/31/11:  "...I grasp at straws searching for the words which would make you at least check them out..."

                   "...downright stunning..." - Rock & Reprise

12/14/10:  Pusillanimous Claque in pre-production

01/01/10: Let Me Die In Southern California one of 2009's best - ShockPop

12/31/09: Miami New Times puts latest album on a "Best of 2009" list.

12/17/09: The Voyces make another "Best of 2009" list - Little Gray Pixel

12/12/09: "Let Me Die In Southern California is one of the best albums of 2009" - Hyperbolium

12/06/09: THE VOYCES on COAST TO COAST AM with George Noory

8/28/09: The public greets "Let Me Die In Southern California" by sending it to #5 on The HYPE MACHINE



 "Let Me Die In Southern California"

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Watch the "KISSING LIKE IT'S LOVE" music video: